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Shaping a Career in Information Technology

Information Technology has turned out to be the buzzword and a coveted parlance in the world of jobs with college pass-outs and technical aspirants going gaga over this industry. Whether you require managing your financial transactions or operating your mobile phone or simply getting rid of malware on your PC, an IT technician is what you require by your side to fish you out of the mess. If you too are aspiring to step into the gates of the Information Technology world, you can be sure of a prospective career, given the boom which this sector has witnessed in the recent past and will be seeing in future.

A recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed positive and great rewards awaiting software engineers who can expect about 32% growth in job opportunities by 2018. However, you do not need to be a hard-core computer engineer or a PC technician to seek mind boggling opportunities at big corporate and multinational IT companies. With opportunities galore in the field you can easily pursue formidable Infosys or Wipro careers as SAP consultants, HR personnel, graphic designers, web developers and others-all of which can help you carve out a prominent niche in the professional life.

Things to Keep in Mind in Order to Pursue a Career in IT

Choose the Industry that Appeals to You: As with any other job, an IT job too requires dedication and passion for the work. Hence, choose your field of work by carefully introspecting your interests and sifting through innumerable industries to pick out the one that will make you happy. There are ample options in the field including Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Software and the likes and you can make optimum use of the professional opportunities bestowed by these on you.

Choose your Task: Do you love digging into worn-out computers to try out newer techniques of improvement? Or have a computer engineering degree to flaunt, or inclined towards creating something new every time by donning your creative hat? Choose the field of work in accordance with your passion-a sure way to unprecedented success in future. For instance, if you have a knack towards designing, make web designing or graphic designing your profession. And if you have the blood of a techie running in your veins, well, software technology offers you vast opportunities.

Get Certifications: The ever-dynamic world of Information Technology demands skilled personnel who have all the required knowhow at their fingertips. Hence, to be ahead of your rivals and prove your clout to the Head Honchos in the industries, harness yourself with as many professional certifications as possible. Getting these certifications will be an evidence of your mastery over your chosen field of subject while giving you an edge over your competitors. Some of the IT certifications which you can opt for are MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, A+ Essentials, PMP Certifications, Oracle DBA Certifications, A+ IT Technician and many more.

Check out Your Resume: Your Resume plays a critical role in getting a job in IT. In order to get noticed it is important to enlist every detail of previous job responsibilities and designations which will give an idea about your experience to your interviewer at the very first instance. To be absolutely sure that you are not missing out on any critical point, get hold of an IT guru or professional and ask him or her to take a quick glimpse through it.

Final Word

Nothing can work better in an IT world than gaining prior experience and some amount of pro bono work or a few months of internship might earn you a good job.