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Reasons to Opt for a BPO Job

India’s BPO companies are throbbing with a large population sprightly youth- mastering the art of speaking in country-specific accents for eight long hours with headphones perched on their ears and solving issues or answering queries which customers might have regarding the products. Ask an Indian college fresher about a BPO job and you would get a typical answer as to it being a call-center. But in reality a BPO is much more than a mere call center solving problems or selling products to customers and you can conveniently see yourself going up the corporate ladder in no time. Of course dedication and focus are the key attributes to success along with which you can enjoy a plethora of benefits. So how about trying your hands at the BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, while pursuing your higher studies and getting some remuneration too? Here are some of the reasons why joining a BPO in India might prove worthwhile for you.

Handsome Remuneration and Incentives: You do not need to be doctors or engineers to earn handsome salaries. By kick-starting your professional life with top-notch BPO companies like Genpact, HCL or WNS careers you can get opportunities galore to begin with good salary packages which in turn can go a long way to shape a good career path. What’s more, such companies of repute bestow you with luring incentives based on your performance. You also get chances to enter into contests and prove your expertise in various fields and get rewarded in return.

Training:  While no high-end technical credentials are required to start off with a BPO career, having some knowledge of the same and getting trained on them help you master the processes quickly. Most BPOs proffer its employees with in-depth training pertaining to the processes they are handling. These training can range from Voice and Accent Trainings and Personality Development Programs to hard-core technical and management ones such as Six Sigma which are in high demand in the industry. Attending these trainings not only builds up your confidence and knowledge, but they aid in carving out myriad other career options in future. To top it all you also get to work with tech gurus whose advice and guidance can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Job Rotations: One of the biggest advantages which BPO jobs have is the opportunity to jump from one department to another within the industry. Thus, if you are not particularly comfortable taking calls, you can move over to other departments such as quality, finance or HR according to your knack and preference.

Overseas Opportunities: With a BPO job you have good chances of going overseas for work purposes- opportunities which can prove to be fun and at the same time be valuable in terms of gaining exposure to foreign lands and their culture. Such experiences often come as additional perks while looking out for jobs in other organizations or industries.

Other Advantages: Apart from the above BPOs shower you with additional benefits such as medical insurances for the employees as well as their families and parents, free transport facilities, food at subsidized prices and at times opportunities to pursue higher education as well. Such benefits can be huge a means of saving huge expenses, while ensuring your safety and security. What’s more, fitness freaks can get into regular regimes of frequenting gymnasiums which most top BPO companies have within their premises for their employees.

Contrary to popular notion, growth in BPO jobs is not limited to taking calls or proffering training. By carefully streamlining your career, you can see yourself acquiring a respected designation within a few years.