How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be an International Lawyer

International law refers to the laws that govern the international arena, the conduct of independent states and the relationships between nations.

International organizations typically establish the framework of international law, with the United Nations functioning as one of the main actors. An international attorney has to cover a broad range of topics, including trade law, land disputes between countries, cases of war crimes, expediting criminals, crimes committed in international waters and more.

An international attorney must understand cultures and have the ability to adapt quickly to unique situations that constantly emerge around the globe. Many businesses take a global approach nowadays, and as such they have international divisions and need the expertise of an international attorney to guide them through the different types of law they must obey.

1. Law schools usually don’t put a lot of weight on the college major your choose, but having in view that you want to have a career as an international attorney may mean you might want to pursue a degree in political science, international relations or history. Make a habit of reading the international news and developing your verbal and writing skills. You will have to be an excellent speaker and writer once you start your law career.

2. Fresh-out-of-school attorneys often have a hard time finding a job because of the high level of competition in the job market. Increase your chances of following the career you want by getting into a top law school. To do that, you’ll need a high LSAT score, a high GPA and a strong resume. Study hard for the LSAT, take prep courses and do your best on the day of the exam.

3. You can choose from a lot of law schools. Make your choice easier by attending recruitment events. Groups organize these events throughout the country and give you the chance to talk to representatives from law schools.

4. Put together your application file, making sure to include all the required documents. Send in your application before the established deadline.

5. Once admitted to law school, start preparing to become an international attorney. Take courses on international law, study international treaties and talk with your teachers about the career you want to follow to get some relevant guidance.

6. Look for a law firm in your area that deals with international law matters. Get a part-time job or undertake an internship if possible. You will need all the experience you can get once you graduate.

7. Finish three years of law school, get your degree and start studying for the bar exam. Pass the bar exam to work as a licensed lawyer, and then you can launch your career as an international lawyer.