How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Wrongful Death Lawyer

A wrongful death attorney works with people who have lost a loved one.

When a spouse, parent or child believes someone in his family died because of someone else’s negligence, he can file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death attorney offers legal advice to the family of the deceased, can help with filing the claim, and can also negotiate the terms of a financial compensation. A wrongful death attorney can also take the case to court and prove the defendant’s negligence. Though money cannot compensate for the pain of losing a loved one, if the killed family member provided the main source of income, the family has higher chances of receiving monetary compensation.

1. Complete your undergraduate studies and earn you BA or BS degree. Very few law schools accept applicants without an undergraduate degree. Additionally, some majors still stand among those considered traditional for eventual law school students, such as history, political science or business administration. But law schools today have more inclination to accept students of very different backgrounds.

2. Earn a high score on your LSAT test. Law school admission committees place a great deal of weight on the Law School Admission Test, tailored to evaluate if a student has the skills to do well in law school or not. You can get a high score if you practice a lot beforehand. Look into the many preparation materials and free mock tests available and take your time to go through them.

3. Keep in mind that many applicants dream about going to prestigious law schools, but the competition remain high and few get in. Remain realistic about your chances when applying to law school. Most law schools offer quality education for future lawyers. Your future career as a good lawyer depends on your determination and willingness to study hard.

4. Get into law school and take those courses that will help you eventually work as a wrongful death attorney. Improve your negotiation skills and study wrongful death cases.

5. If your school doesn’t offer legal internship opportunities, contact law firms in your area and try to get an internship on your own. Law firms often take on interns. They get some extra help, and you get some work experience. Try to work with a wrongful death attorney if possible.

6. Finish your law studies and study for the bar exam. Even if you’ve focused most of your studies on your specialization, you’ll have to prove that you are an expert in all areas of federal and state law. Taking the bar exam can prove pretty expensive, so make sure you study hard and pass it on your first try. Once you pass the bar exam, you can officially work as a practicing lawyer.

7. Visit the American Bar Association’s website ( to get advice about how to get your first job and your first clients. Put your name in the ABA online database as a wrongful death attorney.