How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Vioxx Lawyer

The Food and Drug Administration approved Vioxx, an anti-inflammatory drug, in 1999. The company also marketed it as Ceoxx and Ceeoxx.

Physicians prescribed Vioxx to patients suffering from arthritis and other conditions causing acute pain. Millions of people took Vioxx treatment until 2004, when Merck, the company manufacturing and selling the drug, took it off the market because of its side effects. Serious side effects of Vioxx include heart attack and stroke, and studies have reported as many as 27,000 people suffered heart attacks after taking Vioxx. A Vioxx attorney works as a specialist in Vioxx-related cases and can help patients or families of patients get compensation for health damages the drug caused. An investigation brought to light the fact that Merck sold the drug without proper clinical research. A Vioxx attorney can negotiate with a company for monetary compensation or take the pharmaceutical company to court for wrongful death, for example.

1. Earn a college or university degree. You will need a Bachelor’s degree, as an Associate’s degree alone will not get you into law school. Your choice of major is not that important as far as getting into law school is concerned. But your GPA remains important, so make sure you keep your grades high while in college.

2. Prospective law school students have to take the Law School Admission Test. Similar to the ACT or SAT, it is specially designed to measure the skills and abilities of people who want to follow a career in law.  The score you get on the LSAT, together with your GPA, will stand among the most important elements in your application file. You must study for the LSAT at least a few months in advance. Many law schools have minimum scores you must get before they will consider your application.

3. The majority of law school applicants send their admission files to several law schools. If you want to aim high and apply to a prestigious law school, that’s fine—so long as you also apply to a few law schools where you have more solid chances of acceptance. Make sure all the law schools to which you apply have approval from the American Bar Association.

4. Get through three years of law school. Customize your curriculum so you get specialized training for your future as a Vioxx attorney.

5. Read medical journals and studies about Vioxx. As a Vioxx attorney, you will need to understand both the legal and medical aspects of your cases. You will also speak often with medical staff, so ensure you know how to use medical terminology.

6. Earn your Juris Doctor degree and prepare for the bar exam. Contact the bar association for details regarding sitting for the bar examination in your state.

7. Get a job as a Vioxx attorney. Find law firms that deal with Vioxx cases and discuss your training and the possibility of getting a position on their team.