How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident attorney, a type of personal injury lawyer, specializes in truck accidents.

Four percent of all auto accident injuries involve commercial trucks, and one out of eight traffic-related deaths occur in truck accidents. Trucks are larger than other cars, which explains why in most accidents that involve trucks the drivers or passengers of smaller vehicles suffer injuries or death. A truck accident attorney offers legal counseling and representation to victims of truck accidents or their families. The experience and knowledge of a specialized truck accident attorney can help clients get compensation and get the people responsible for the accident punished according to the law.

1. Finish four years of university or college and obtain your degree. An undergraduate degree remains a prerequisite for applying to most American Bar Association-approved law schools.

2. Register for and take the Law School Admission Test, a pre-law test designed to evaluate the skills of future law students. You will need a satisfactory score to get into any law school.

3. Make a list of law schools you would like to attend. Although online law schools exist, understand that the American Bar Association does not approve these. Most states will not allow you to take the bar exam with a degree from an online law school—although California does. If you want to make sure a state will recognize your law degree, apply to law schools the American Bar Association approves. You can choose from any of the 199 ABA-accredited law schools, giving you ample choice.

4. A strong law school application file will include schools records; a good GPA and a high LSAT score; and letters of recommendation, statements of motivation and a resume that includes extracurricular activities and community work. Send your completed application file to the law school or schools of your choice.

5. Use the summer in between you undergraduate and graduate studies to get some work experience. Don’t worry if you can’t find a job in a law firm. Any office work will rev up your resume.

6. Use you years in law schools to specialize as a truck accident attorney. Take courses in personal injury law and traffic law, and brief cases related to truck accidents on your own time. Individual study proves very important in law school, especially if you hope to get a job in the field after graduating.

7. Find a law firm that takes truck accident cases and ask for an internship opportunity. Work closely with a truck accident attorney to gain experience and get an idea of what your job will consist.

8. Upon graduation from law school, you’ll get your Juris Doctor degree.

9. Contact the bar association in your state to find out how to register for the bar exam and what fees you will have to pay. Take a few weeks to review state and federal law. The bar exam usually proves difficult, and some lawyers need to take it several times before receiving their license.