How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Trademark Lawyer

A trademark attorney works as a lawyer who specializes in trademark law.

A trademark attorney has the responsibilities of offering legal advice on trademark matters, filing applications to register trademarks, and handling trademark rejections or invalidations. Trademark attorneys also represent clients in infringement cases. Though the job seems similar to that of a patent attorney, a trademark attorney does not have to pass an examination with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any attorney who has passed the bar exam in any state can represent clients in front of the USPTO.

1. Earn you Bachelor’s degree in any major area of study you want. You can choose business, marketing, history or liberal arts, as this choice won’t affect your future as a trademark attorney. While patent attorneys usually have an educational background in science or engineering, this is not the case for trademark lawyers. Get good grades and make sure you have a satisfactory GPA at the end of your undergraduate studies.

2. In your senior year, study for and take the LSAT. The LSAT score will prove an important component of your admission file, so take your time to study, buy prep materials and take the test more than once if necessary. You can sit for the test four times a year at hundreds of locations, and it costs $136 to register. The Law School Admission Council will send your test results to the law school or schools to which you want to apply. If you register online at the LSAC website (, you will receive the results by email. If not, you have to contact the institution by phone or mail three weeks after taking the test.

3. Talk to a pre-law adviser to get some guidance on choosing a few law schools to which to apply. You can also attend law school recruitment events wherein you will have the chance to meet law school representatives and get more information on admission requirements and curriculum.

4. Apply to law school. You will find out if the admissions committee gave you a favorable decision a couple of months after sending in your application, and then you’ll start law school the following fall. Use the summer before starting law school to gain some work experience.

5. Law school involves a challenging postgraduate program for most students. You’ll have to read a lot and will receive assignments on a daily basis. Work hard and you’ll finish law school successfully. Take courses on trademark law and get advice from your teachers about how to become a trademark attorney.

6. Finish law school and register for the bar examination. You can work as a trademark attorney and represent clients in front of the USPTO with a lawyer’s license obtained in any state.

7. Most trademark attorneys begin their career by getting a job in a firm that specializes in trademark matters. Some firms of patent attorneys have a special department for trademark work as well.