How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Software Lawyer

A software attorney work as an expert in the field of electronic rights and issues.

The software industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, and software law thus stands as a relatively new branch in the legal system. The demand for software lawyers will continue to increase. A software attorney offers assistance and representation to software developers of software users. The Internet and software industry continue to grow on a daily basis, and people therefore often find themselves confused as to which rules they must obey. A software attorney can give a helping hand to either companies or individuals when it comes to drafting documents or working as an adviser or mediator in disputes.

1. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. In order to have a career as a lawyer, you have to have good writing and verbal skills. As a software attorney, you’ll need to learn fast because of the rapidly growing industry as well as have a technical mind.

2. Follow an undergraduate program focused on computer science or engineering. You can get into law school with basically any undergraduate educational background, but you need to prepare for your particular specialization. A software attorney has to understand both the legal and technical aspects of the matters at hand. Get your undergraduate degree and make sure you finish with a good GPA.

3. Take the LSAT test. The test examines your critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills. The exam also has a writing section. In a span of about 30 minutes, you’ll have to write a concise and persuasive essay that proves you have good writing skills. Prepare for the LSAT for a few months in advance.

4. Apply to more than one law schools. Admission to law school can prove tough, as so very many people apply. Increase your chances of starting your law studies as soon as possible by giving yourself more options. Gather everything you need before the established deadlines and send in your application files. The majority of law schools have admission deadlines in December for those who want to start studying the following fall.

5. The first year of law school includes basic courses on the legal system and in fields such as constitutional or criminal law. Most schools will not let you customize your curriculum in the first part of your studies. In the second part, however, you can focus on your area of specialization. Take all the applicable courses that will train you for a career as a software attorney.

6. Undertake summer internships and keep up to date with the developments in the software industry while in school.

7. Graduate law school and earn your JD degree. Every state has its own bar exam. You’ll have to review federal and state law before the exam. The bar exam is generally very difficult, so make sure you prepare for this final step in your formal education as a lawyer.

8. Pass the bar exam. As soon as you get your license as a lawyer, you can go about looking for a job and getting clients.