How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A motor vehicle accident attorney represents clients who have suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident.

Motor vehicle accidents can prove complex, in the sense that usually more persons are involved and authorities can find it quite difficult to place the blame. Sometimes the driver is at fault for a motor vehicle accident, and sometimes you can blame it on weather conditions, road conditions, malfunctions in traffic signs and so on.

A motor vehicle accident attorney can offer legal guidance in the aftermath of the accident and presents clients with available legal options. Motor vehicle accident lawyers can also establish whether the person who suffered an injury has grounds for a lawsuit and might receive compensation.

1. To help you with your future career as a lawyer, take public speaking classes and learn negotiation techniques from an early age. You can do that by joining a debate club and developing your writing and verbal things with every opportunity you have.

2. Go to college or university. Graduate four years of undergraduate studies and take a BA degree. Make sure you have a high GPA. Law schools select future students with good academic records.

3. Take the LSAT. On the LSAC’s (Law School Admission Council) website (, you can find preparation materials and advice about how to get a good score. Law Schools place a great deal of weight on LSAT scores, so make sure you take your time to study before the day of the test.

4. Consider applying to more than one law school to ensure you will start your studies the following year. Law schools will mainly look at your GPA and LSAT score and will then check your letters of recommendation and your work experience and extracurricular activities. Put together strong application files and send them to law schools before the deadlines.

5. Get into law school and start working hard. Law school can prove very difficult—at least until you get used to the system. Get a good start by completing all the homework you get. A lot of independent study will help you pass tests successfully and prepare you for your future career as a lawyer. Take those courses that will help you become a motor vehicle accident attorney.

6. You should get some work experience while in law school to start building a strong resume. Go to law firms that take on motor vehicle accident cases and discuss the possibility of a part-time job or internship. Also go to courthouses and assist with cases. Watch how a motor vehicle accident attorney makes a case and take notes on the arguments and counterarguments brought before the judge.

7. Graduate from law school. Once you have your Juris Doctor degree, take the bar examination. Most law students take the bar exam in the summer following graduation. However, you should start studying even before graduation, as you’ll face a very difficult exam.

8. Become a certified lawyer and start looking for a job a motor vehicle accident attorney.