How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Medical Negligence Lawyer

The law can hold medical staff accountable for medical negligence in various instances.

A medical negligence attorney defends patients’ legal rights regarding receiving professional medical treatment and defends them against medical mistakes. Medical negligence cases usually involve complex and difficult-to-prove is, so a medical negligence attorney has to have both legal and medical knowledge. Medical negligence lawyers should also have good communication skills, as sometimes their cases rely on the statements of family, friends and medical staff. Having a career as a medical negligence attorney takes years of hard work before you can defend people by providing your services.

1. The first step to becoming a lawyer involves going to college. With some few rare exceptions, law schools do not take applicants who do not hold a Bachelor’s degree.

2. Take the LSAT and get a good score. The key to getting a high Law School Admission Test score revolves around practice. The test evaluates your analytical, verbal and reasoning skills. It has standard questions which you can answer faster and more correctly if you take time to go through preparation materials. A good LSAT score will greatly increase your chances of getting into a top law school.

3. Choosing a law school can prove a challenge because of the proliferation of programs available. First, evaluate yourself and your chances realistically. If you think you have chances to get into prestigious law schools, focus on them. But if your school transcripts, LSAT score and overall experience are not great, don’t aim too high. Most law schools offer standard training for lawyers. What’s important is to get into a law school and work hard after that.

4. Postgraduate programs usually prove difficult, and law school is no exception. Prepare to spend most of your time in the library, reading and studying cases. As soon as you can customize your curriculum, study medical malpractice law.

5. Learn about medical negligence from a medical point of view as well. A medical negligence lawyer has to understand both the legal and medical sides of the cases. Read medical journals and learn medical terminology. This will help you take statements from medical staff and build strong cases for your clients as a medical negligence attorney.

6. After three to five years of law school, you will earn your JD degree. Being a law school graduate alone is not sufficient to practice law. Register and study for the bar exam in your state. Once you pass the test, you will be a licensed attorney.

7. Contact the American Bar Association and ask it to list you as medical negligence attorney in its online database. People who don’t know how to find a lawyer will often turn to the ABA website ( for guidance. Also, check the career center on the ABA website to get some other ideas about how to launch your career.