How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Long Term Disability Lawyer

A long term disability attorney represents clients in getting long-term disability insurance and settling all further disputes that might arise with the insurance companies.

A long term disability attorney has as her job to make sure she respects her clients’ rights along the way and ensures the clients know all the legal options available to them so they can make informed decisions. Insurance companies try to avoid paying long-term disability compensations, as it proves detrimental to their finances. A long term disability attorney must make sure her clients are not deprived of their rights and get the compensation they deserve.

1. Earn a BA degree in any major you like. Law schools typically don’t frown on any major. As long as you have a good GPA and prove have good verbal, writing and reasoning skills, you have a high chance of a law school admitting you.

2. Start preparing for the LSAT while still in college. This test will prove difficult, so you’ll need a high score on it to ensure admission to law school.

3. Put together your application file and submit all the documents to the Law School Admission Council’s website (

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to several law schools, even if you’d really like to go to a particular prestigious law school. You should wisely make some safe school choices, just to make sure you don’t waste one year waiting to get into your school of choice.

5. Once you get into law school, join study groups and do your best to keep up with the intense study rhythm. Law school will not prove easy, but remember that you have as your goal preparing for a rewarding profession. Get trained to become a long term disability attorney by studying insurance law and everything else you’ll need to know once you’re ready to practice.

6. A career as a long term disability attorney has a medical component. You’ll sometimes have to cooperate with medical staff, and you’ll have to understand the nature of your clients’ disabilities. Go through medical books and journals to learn about long-term disability.

7. You’ll have to finish three to five years of law school, depending on the type of program you choose, before graduating.

8. Register for the bar exam. You will have to fill in some documents and pay high fees to take the bar examination. Enroll in a bar preparation course to make sure you will pass the exam once you graduate.

9. Take you lawyer license and get a job with a law firm that deals with long-term disability cases. You will need to get some work experience before becoming a full-time long term disability attorney.