How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Hedge Funds Lawyer

A hedge funds attorney specializes in investment partnerships and companies, providing legal guidance on all legal aspects regarding the global investment management industry.

As a hedge funds attorney, you will assist clients in forming domestic or offshore investment companies. Hedge funds lawyers must have incredible familiarity with state, federal and international laws that regulate investment partnerships and companies.

1. Get college education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Almost all law schools have this prerequisite for admission. You will need a high GPA and can choose any major you want. You might want to go for economics, political science or international relations, as these subject areas will provide you with a background that will help you in your future career as a hedge funds attorney.

2. Prepare for the Law School Admissions Test and take it a few months prior to sending your application to law school. As a high LSAT score will increase your chances of admission, you might want to retake the test if you get a low score. Invest in some study materials and a prep course to make sure you get good results.

3. Apply to law school. You might want to send in your application to several law schools to ensure you can start your studies as soon as possible.

4. Have a financing plan for your studies. You will need money for tuition, housing, food, transportation and so on. If you cannot get a scholarship and your family cannot support you through law school, consider getting a student loan. Law school is not easy and you might not have time for a full-time job, so don’t count on that for money.

5. Get into law school and start studying to work as a hedge funds attorney. Take courses that will teach you state, federal and international law related to investments and offshore companies.

6. Research the job market while still enrolled as a law student. Find some law firms that deal with hedge funds matters and try to secure a summer internship or any other type of temporary job in their offices. Combine what you learn in school with some practical experience to prepare to start practicing after you graduate.

7. Graduate from law school, get your degree and prepare for the bar exam. Once you pass the bar exam, you can get your license and start looking for a job as a hedge funds attorney. Check out the career resources on the official website of the American Bar Association ( Keep up to date with applicable legislation at both national and international levels. Try to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your clients.