How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Green Card Lawyer

A green card attorney assists individuals in obtaining a permanent residency visa in the United States and represents them in all conflicts arising in the process.

The Unites States authorities grant approximately 50,000 visas every year for people who wish to study, work and live in the U.S. A green card attorney has to specialize in immigration law and know all the complexities of obtaining a green card.

1. Getting to the point of having a career as a lawyer takes a lot of work. A green card attorney can help many people fulfill their dream of living in the United States, making it a rewarding profession. To become an attorney you must earn a Bachelor’s degree. If you’re currently a college or university student, try to get good grades and develop your learning and language skills since they will prove very helpful in the future. Don’t worry about your major, but do worry about your GPA most law schools will look at it first.

2. Take the LSAT. The Law School Admissions Test, a half-day examination similar to the SAT, provides law schools with an idea about the reading and verbal reasoning skills of their candidates. Most law schools will look at all your credentials but will not overlook a low LSAT score.

3. Prepare to work hard once admitted to law school. Take immigration law courses and discuss with your teachers your wish to have a career as a green card attorney. They can offer you advice about how to proceed and might provide you with learning resources.

4. Finish law school and review everything for the bar exam. It will be one of the most difficult exams in your life, so use your time wisely and don’t expect to pass just for showing up.

5. Take your lawyer license and start getting clients. Many people who wish to get a green card don’t know anybody in the United States and will thus look for a lawyer online. Make a list of the most popular online lawyer directories and get listed as a green card attorney. Another way to get clients is to go to the immigration office in your area. Tell people you work as a green card lawyer, give them your business card and offer to give them a free initial consultation. Remember that your clients will appreciate a friendly attorney who does everything in her power to help them. Immigrants have families back home who might need the services of a green card lawyer in the future. Practice patience and get good results, and clients will start looking for you.