How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite attorney represents clients who suffered an injury as a result of a dog bite.

Dog bite lawyers deal with personal injury cases related to when someone’s negligence results in another person getting hurt. In cases of dog bites, you can usually put the blame on the owner of the dog—but things aren’t always that simple. A dog bite attorney assists victim of a dog bite during the whole legal process, starting with filing a claim, negotiating a settlement, getting insurance coverage for medical expenses, and ultimately going to court if they cannot settle the matter otherwise.

1. If you’re not already a college student, enroll in college as soon as possible. You will need to graduate four years of an undergraduate program and earn your Bachelor’s degree before you can apply to law school. The major and the minor are normally inconsequential, but you might want to focus on areas that help you develop argumentation skills such as philosophy or political science.

2. Take the Law Schools Admission Test (LSAT). All students who want to apply to an American Bar Association-approved school have to take this test. The LSAT, a standardized test that provides law schools with a measure of assessing applicants, remains crucial for admittance. Though the LSAT score isn’t always an indicator that a law student will have outstanding results, most law schools place a lot of weight on the LSAT score.

3. You can choose a law school based on several criteria. If you want to stay close to home, look for law schools in your area. If you want to graduate from a top-quality law school and have better chances of getting a job afterwards, you might have to relocate.

4. A career as an attorney can prove financially rewarding, but you have to get there first. Law school is generally expensive, so figure out a financing plan.

5. During the first year in law school you will take courses on general legal knowledge. Once you the school permits you to choose your courses, learn about personal injury law. Study dog bite-related cases and consult with your teachers when you have questions. Don’t wait until you graduate to get experience and knowledge as a dog bite attorney.

6. Look for a dog bite attorney and ask if you can do an internship or work in his office.

7. Graduate from law school and begin preparing for the bar exam. Another difficult exam you have to pass, it is the last one you will have to take before you can work as a practicing lawyer.

8. Start advertising yourself as a dog bite attorney. Leave your business card in local hospitals and put your name in online lawyer directories.