How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce attorney represents clients going through a divorce.

The dissolution of a marriage can prove complex and can include issues to settle such as child custody, visitation, asset distribution and spousal support. Some divorces settle outside the courtroom, while others require a court order to settle. As a divorce attorney, you will assist clients in choosing the best legal options in matters of separations. Even if a divorce proves amicable, you must still draft and submit legal documents to the court. Divorce lawyers have to specialize in family law during and after attending law school.

1. In order to get into a good law school, you will need outstanding academic records and a high LSAT score. There are almost 200 American Bar Association-approved law schools, so you will have a lot from which to choose. While working through your undergraduate program, don’t worry too much about your major but do try to keep your GPA high.

2. Once you have your Bachelor’s degree—a prerequisite for admission in most law schools—register for the Law School Admission Test. The fee for taking the LSAT is $136. Download the free LSAT prep test from the Law School Admission Council ( to get an idea of your necessary level of preparation.

3. Start preparing your admission file. Include all extracurricular activities, work experience, notable academic results or published papers. You might not have an extensive resume at this point, but you should prove your versatility as a student.

4. Law school proves an expensive postgraduate program, especially if you aim to attend one of the top-quality schools. Devise a plan for financing your three years of law school.

5. Law school can prove tough. You will need to study a lot, while also gaining some practical experience. Join study groups and prepare to spend a lot of time in the library. Take on family law courses and focus on studying divorce cases to get as much knowledge as possible for your future career as a divorce attorney.

6. Finish three years of law school and earn your degree. You will still need to study for the bar association exam at that point. Register for the examination in the state in which you plan to practice law and pass the test. You will receive your license to practice law and can go ahead and look for a job with a law firm; alternately, you can work as a divorce attorney on your own.

7. Many people who go through divorces and need a lawyer don’t know where to find one, so they turn to the Internet. Contact the American Bar Association and ask them to register you as a divorce attorney in their online database. Also look for local directories for lawyers and list your name there. Divorce can be tough and clients will appreciate a friendly and understanding attorney. Do a good job with your clients and they will recommend you to friends, family and coworkers.