How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Disability Coverage Lawyer

A disability coverage attorney assists clients unable to work because of a permanent or long-term disability.

Individuals can gain eligibility for social security or can purchase private insurance policies that cover disability cases. A disability coverage attorney guides clients through claiming social security and resolving any problems they have with federal authorities or insurance companies.

1. Think about your career as a lawyer when you’re still in school. If you study at a top-quality law school you will have better chances of getting a job immediately after graduation. Maintain a good academic record during college. Law schools will look at your GPA, and having good overall academic results will work as a definite plus on your application to law school. Your major is not that important in the application procedure.

2. Earn your Bachelor’s degree. Keep in touch and maintain good relationships with two or three of your teachers, as you might need recommendation letters from them.

3. Prepare for the LSAT and take the text in the fall prior to the year in which you want to start law school. In order to ensure you have time to retake the test in case you get a low score, take the LSAT in June. This will give you time to try again before the deadlines of application to most law schools. You can take prep courses and purchase study materials for the LSAT, as the score you get will factor in heavily in your admission file.

4. Apply to a prestigious law school if you wish, but also send your application to a few law schools where you feel safe you will get accepted.

5. Think about how you will finance your studies. Students have available to them several federal and private loans.

6. Get into law school. You will have to study hard, but you should also focus on extracurricular activities and internships. Look for a disability coverage attorney in your area and discuss the possibility of working in his office during the summers. This will give you hands-on practice and experience to list on your resume.

7. Get you Juris Doctor degree and start studying for the bar association exam. Recent graduates usually take the examination the summer after they finish their studies.

8. Pass the bar exam and become a certified lawyer. Competition is high in the job market for young lawyers, so use the connections you build during law school to help you get a job. Go to the disability coverage attorney for whom you used to work during summers and apply for a full-time job. You can also list your name in Internet directories for lawyers in the disability coverage attorney section. Many people look for lawyers online. Once a client contacts you, do your best to be helpful and get good results so you will get more clients through recommendations.