How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Business Lawyer

Business attorneys take on the complex task of assisting clients in their business endeavors.

Many businesses have permanent relationships with a business lawyer. Business attorneys usually specialize either as business litigators or transactional lawyers. Business litigators handle lawsuits, while transactional lawyers handle contracts and corporate matters. Some lawyers choose to do both, but if you want to become a good business lawyer you should choose one specialization and build your experience for that particular area. Follow these guidelines to pursue a career as a business attorney.

1. Graduate college, earn your Bachelor’s degree and take the LSAT. You major in college doesn’t normally matter very much when applying to law schools, but if you already know you want to become a business lawyer, why not take a business major? It will help you understand business in all its complexity, and the knowledge you acquire in college will help you in your future legal career.

2. The LSAT proves crucial for getting into law school. Purchase study materials and work hard to get a high score. After you pass the LSAT and find yourself happy with your score (if not, just take it again in the next session), you have arrived at a point of readiness to apply to law schools. You can apply to several law schools just to ensure you get admitted, and then you can start your law studies as soon as possible.

3. Business law encompasses a broad range of topics. Make sure that once admitted to a law school you spend the following three years taking all the courses related to business law. You will probably have a core course on business law, most law schools offer specialized courses in bankruptcy, employment law, international trade law, tax law and so on. Make a list of courses available at your school and take them if you can. Even though most business attorneys specialize in one field, you will always have to deal with complex matters that require you to know a little bit of everything.

4. Business attorneys not only prove good at interpreting the law, they also understand business. Go to a business school and see if you can take some business courses. If you cannot officially enroll in a course, talk to some teachers and ask them to let you assist in some of their classes.

5. Find business attorneys in your area and get summer jobs in their offices. Hands-on experience will prove very valuable once you become a practicing lawyer.

6. If you take this step, when you graduate law school you will already have enough knowledge to start you career as a business lawyer. You need only to pass the bar exam to practice law.