How to Become a Lawyer

How to Be a Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injury attorneys deal with clients whose infants suffered a birth injury caused as a result of medical malpractice.

Negligent treatment by doctors sometimes leaves babies with permanent neurological or intellectual problems, HIV or other infections, or in extreme cases result in the death of the mother and/or baby during pregnancy or delivery. Birth injury attorneys must know medical malpractice law very well and should also have familiarity with medical procedures and problems related to pregnancy and birth. Working as a birth injury lawyer takes years of learning and practice. Follow these basic steps to pursue a career as a lawyer who focuses on birth injuries.

1. Apply to law school. Your application will have to include your GPA scores and LSAT results at minimum. Successful law school candidates usually have high GPA and LSAT results. If you don’t find your LSAT results satisfactory, take the test again and then apply to the law school to which you want to gain admission.

2. Once enrolled in law school, start studying about medical malpractice law and learn from cases that deal with birth injuries. Pay close attention to the argumentation of both parties, and while learning the legal procedures also try to learn and remember the medical vocabulary used.

3. Go to a medical school and try to assist with some courses on birth and child care. Talk to the teachers there, explain that you study law and would like to work as a birth injury lawyer, and then ask them if you could simply assist or observe in some of their courses to understand the medical point of view. This will prove a great help when dealing with doctors during future lawsuits. Good birth injury attorneys understand both the legal and medical implications of their cases and can easily make connections between the two.

4. Assist birth injury lawsuits and watch birth injury attorneys make their cases. Learn from their arguments and try to come up with your own points of view. During the summers, look for birth injury lawyers in your area and try to secure an associateship with them.

5. After graduation, study for the bar exam. This last step before becoming a practicing lawyer does not prove easy. You will have to review all you have studied during law school and give correct and complex answers. Once you pass the bar exam in your state, you become a member of the bar and a practicing lawyer.

6. Birth injury attorneys deal with very sensitive situations. Parents generally become extremely emotional when it comes to the well-being of their babies. They will feel angry, frustrated and sad—and they will want justice. Try to calm down your clients while working on your end not to grow too emotionally involved in your cases on a personal level. While passion about your work proves important, don’t let emotions get the best of your judgment. You will need a clear head to make strong arguments and win cases.